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ZENITH released the "ZENITH Collection high quality replica watches: ACT II" series at the RE-LUXURY exhibition, bringing together a variety of EL PRIMERO chronographs from the 1970s During the first RE-Luxury event held in Geneva, the world's first second-hand and antique luxury goods and collectibles trade fair, ZENITH released the highly anticipated "ZENITH ICONS" project. This chapter brings together a variety of carefully selected and brand-certified antique watches, and further promotes the brand's HORIZ-ON sustainable development initiative. RE-Luxury is committed to advocating the circular economy of luxury and reviving iconic masterpieces of luxury brands. It is undoubtedly the ideal platform for the launch of the "Zenith Collection Watches: ACT II Capsule Collection". Featuring space-age designs from the 1970s and adding additional features to the El Primero movement, this capsule collection leads collectors and connoisseurs to discover what is often overlooked, but is full of wonders for Zenith. An era of dynamism and boldness.

Highlighting the outstanding historical heritage of the Zenith watch factory and the significant impact of the brand's watch works on the development of the entire watchmaking industry, Zenith not only pays tribute to its glorious past, but also presents ingenuity to discerning collectors masterpiece. The "Zenith Collection Watches" project was established in 2020, covering a series of rare and antique Zenith watches that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. These timepieces are the era of Zenith's development process Witness, many of them have become iconic classic works of the brand.fake watches for sale

The "Zenith Collection Watch" is only sold in the form of a capsule series in Zenith boutiques and online boutiques. The series of watches are acquired, restored and certified by the Zenith watch factory. The complete history of the timepiece ensures that all parts of the watch are 100% original. Its purpose is to eliminate the worries of collectors and ensure the transparency of information in the series of watches in the antique watch market that usually lacks openness and transparency.

The RE-Luxury exhibition was held at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva from November 4th to 7th. It was open to industry professionals and the public at the same time. A total of about 30 Swiss and international brands and exhibitors participated in the event. The fair also saw Zenith launch the “Zenith Collection Watches” for the first time outside of the brand's boutiques and online boutiques, allowing the brand to meet passionate vintage collectors and introduce them to Watches from the Zenith collection, and how the brand has set a new standard for vintage watch certification for many watch manufacturers.

Regarding participating in the RE-Luxury exhibition and releasing the latest collection watch series, Mr. Julien Tornare (Julian Tornare), the global CEO of Zenith, said: "If it is carefully maintained and maintained, mechanical watches are very few. One of the things that can be worn and enjoyed forever. The Zenith Collection watch is not only an accessory that can be passed down from generation to generation, but also a classic masterpiece that bears witness to the brand's glorious history and we hope to offer discerning collectors around the world .RE-Luxury brings a new concept to the field of antique and second-hand luxury goods, and our latest capsule collection of Zenith collection watches covers a variety of timepieces from the 1970s with bold and innovative designs, It is undoubtedly the most ideal choice to appear at this trade fair.”Breitling Navitimer B01 Swiss Limited Edition AB01395A1B1P1

The Zenith Collection: ACT II - The first chapter of the Zenith Collection project brings together the masterpieces from 1969, equipped with the iconic early El Primero movement. Today, Zenith has made persistent efforts and launched a collection of watches: the ACT II series. This series transcends time and space to explore the second peak era of groundbreaking movements.

In the early 1970s, when mankind had just achieved the feat of landing on the moon, the future was full of exciting new possibilities: space was no longer out of reach, and gravity could no longer stop human exploration. And during this period, with the advent of cheap quartz watches, the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry faced a fundamental challenge. In this regard, the Zenith team knows that it must take a proactive approach.

The first batch of watches equipped with El Primero movement adopts slim and exquisite proportions, exuding an elegant atmosphere; while the second generation timepieces are the complete opposite, adopting a unique new shape, and are also the first high-frequency automatic watches in history. The chronograph movement adds more functions.Jacob and Co. Astronomia

Like the A781 and A783 watches, the A782 watch is also a second-generation Zenith El Primero automatic chronograph. It is completely designed in the space age style of the 1970s and has witnessed the simultaneous struggle between human beings and the watchmaking industry. A whole new era of gravity-bound. This is also the first time that the watch factory has installed the El Primero high-vibration automatic chronograph movement in the DEFY series watch. In the case, it provides a guarantee for the precise performance of the movement.

Only 1,000 pieces of the A782 watch with such a configuration have been released, and it is loved for its unique shape. This watch features a gradient blue dial with strip-applied hour markers and a mirror-polished outer ring, a distinctive tonneau-shaped stainless steel case with a fourteen-sided bezel and a screw-in crown, as well as the famous The "lobster style" stainless steel bracelet designed by the Gay Frères company for the first time is integrated with the outline of the case.

Like the A787 and G787 watches, the Zenith A788 watch adds a unique new case shape to the second-generation Zenith El Primero chronograph, drawing on the space-age aesthetic concept that was popular in the 1970s. The stainless steel case seems to have broken free from the shackles of gravity.replica watches for sale

The A788 watch has a unique design and is full of futuristic style features. It is equipped with a fully frosted twelve-sided pillow-shaped case with rounded and smooth lines and invisible lugs. , and replace the traditional tachymeter scale with a pulsometer scale.

A7817 "ESPADA"
The A7817 watch is the groundbreaking masterpiece of the second-generation Zenith El Primero automatic chronograph. It is also the first timepiece to integrate the full calendar function with moon phases into an epoch-making movement. It has become the official launch of the "ESPADA" series. first watch.

The A7817 watch combines the excellent high-vibration performance of the El Primero movement with the DEFY series, which is known as the "time safe" for its durability. It adopts a unique barrel-shaped stainless steel case with a fourteen-sided bezel and the screw-in crown, the silver dial complements the iconic blue electroplated chronograph dial, tachymeter scale, and bar-shaped appliqué hour markers. Steel "lobster" bracelet.

The 01.0140.415 watch is the rarest work among the second-generation Zenith El Primero watches, and only one batch of 500 pieces will be released. This timepiece embodies the futuristic design that was popular at the time, with space-age styling and large dimensions, as if it has escaped gravity. The blue electroplated fixed bezel is equipped with a tachymeter scale, which was unique at the time.replica watches price

This watch has outstanding personality. The unique barrel-shaped stainless steel case is paired with a blue electroplated fixed bezel with a tachymeter scale. Steel "lobster" bracelet.

Zenith inspires each of us to have great ambitions, forge ahead and make dreams come true. Since Zenith became the first integrated watchmaking factory in the history of Swiss watchmaking in 1865, watches have been accompanied by outstanding figures with big dreams to achieve feats that change human history——Louis Blériot In a historic flight across the English Channel, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier in a record freefall from high in the stratosphere. Zenith celebrates the vision and pioneering spirit of women, and created the DREAMHERS platform where women can share their experiences and inspire other women to realize their dreams, paying tribute to the brilliant achievements of women.

With innovation as its star, all Zenith watches are equipped with movements independently developed and produced by the brand. Since the first automatic chronograph movement in history, the El Primero star-speed movement, came out in 1969, Zenith, as a master of timekeeping, has successively used the CHRONOMASTER flagship series with a timekeeping accuracy of 1/10 second in the field of high-frequency timekeeping, and the precise The DEFY series to 1/100 second presents more accurate time measurement. Zenith firmly believes that progress and innovation are inseparable from sustainable development and responsibility. The ZENITH HORIZ-ON initiative demonstrates the brand's solemn commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, sustainable development and employee well-being. Since 1865, Zenith has accompanied those who dare to challenge themselves and actively strive for their ideals, adhering to the brand creed of "taking stars as dreams, walking with truth", and jointly creating the future of the Swiss watchmaking industry.Franck Muller replica

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